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Real estate property – use it correctly!

Real estate property – use it correctly!

Many people, when they choosing and buying real estate property, do not fully understand, why it is really necessary for them? But this is the main question, on which depends the success of the idea. From this question depends on the characteristics of the object, its cost, the cost of registration and, in the end, your satisfaction with the purchase.

From what usually starts a story about buying a property? Most often, from information about the procedure itself, the attractiveness of the location and many other details, that are designed to convince you to take the viewpoint of the narrator and decide, that buying a property for yourself or in the format of investment is a necessity for you, this is a good decision.

I want to start with one simple fact, that will show this necessity without unnecessary details and emotional colouring. 90% of the total number of millionaires around the world “made their fortunes” on investment in real estate. “Ok, Google!” – and you will find a lot of confirmation of this fact in the network. Investments in one form or another. In residential, commercial, new or secondary. In buying, selling or renting. In construction, reconstruction or repair. With property rights or management. One way or another, all this relates to real estate transactions.

It (real estate property) will always be in demand, regardless of the trends of the world economy, political situation or other factors, that change people’s life priorities. The need for housing and security is as close as possible to the dominant primary human needs, according to psychologists. So, person will spend the maximum amount of forces and resources to satisfy it.

You can refer to a specific example. Robert Kiyosaki is a business coach, motivational speaker, author of several books on self-development, a teacher, a businessman and, finally, an investor. We will not turn to his works and analyse his theories. We draw attention to the fact, that he created his fortune (and later – his own theories) on real estate investments in the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, in New Orleans and other regions of the United States. In the network a lot of information about him. Through his books, analytical articles and interactive games, Robert himself is trying to convey all the information and instil financial management skills to the “broad masses”. Some of his books deal specifically with real estate investments.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide, whether you need a property, which one and in what format you want to interact with it. But it is obvious, that these 90% were right in their decision to somehow connect the ascent along the social and financial ladder to the real estate sphere. Do not miss your opportunity to use it correctly!

Bogdan Gladchuk, Sales Manager & SMM

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