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Rent peculiarities in the island part of the Kingdom of Spain

Rent peculiarities in the island part of the Kingdom of Spain

Palma (Mallorca, Balearic Islands) is the first Spanish city in which local authorities decided to limit the possibility for property owners to rent their apartments to holidaymakers.

The project of the new legislative act was put into effect after numerous complaints began to be received from local residents, who rented housing for a relatively long period of time, in which attention was paid to the unreasonably high level of rent. The reason for this state of affairs is mass beach tourism to the island and, as a result, a large number of online bookings.

Also, another problem with online booking is, according to local authorities, so-called “unorganized” tourists visiting the Balearic Islands. The fact is that most of these travelers are young people who use online booking services and are extremely uncultured when they are on holiday at island resorts.

Legislative attempt to limit mass tourism in Palma will come into force in July 2018. According to the city authorities, the restrictions introduced in the city will be the beginning of the development of a new trend for other cities and regions of Spain, experiencing difficulties from influx of tourists. A ban on renting out an apartment through online services will help change the image of beach resorts, moving them from the segment of youth resting in a segment of a measured and quiet holiday for wealthy clients.

Of course, restrictive measures regarding the rental of housing will have exceptions (closed housing complexes, residential areas near the airport and others).

The city authorities of Palma want to take as an example and implement the experience of Amsterdam, in which the owners of housing are allowed to rent it only 60 days a year.

Previously, it was also published and a message that the authorities of the Canary Islands have forbidden apartment owners to post ads on renting a house, if they do not have a license for it. For violation of the requirements (renting a house without a corresponding license), a serious fine is imposed on the owner. Sites that offer rental housing from owners without placing information about the license, can also be fined.

Bogdan Gladchuk, Sales Manager & SMM

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