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Agents in Valencia believe that the real estate industry is quite stable and reliable

This was proved during the Mediterranean Real Estate Fair Urbe which was successfully held in...

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Types of contracts for accommodation reservations. Choose yours.

Real estate investment is a very important decision. The acquisition of housing involves the...

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The tax rate on the real estate purchase in different regions of Spain

The tax rate on the real estate purchase varies significantly in different autonomous regions of...

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The laws of Spain which regulate the eviction of mortgage debtors

The laws of Spain which regulate the eviction of mortgage debtors are too harsh to borrowers and do...

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President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sanchez proposed a new state plan for the housing rehabilitation

The plan for rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses will be of great importance in the new...

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Mortgage index (IRPH)

General Counsel of the European Court of Justice Maciej Szpunar stated that the use of the mortgage...

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Bank requirements for borrowers with regard to getting a mortgage

If you are considering buying some property, a mortgage loan might be the best option for you. One...

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Mortgage expenses guide

In December 2015 the Supreme Court declared inappropriate the banks’ attitude with regard to the...

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We continue with a very topical, as it turned out, subject of buying property in Spain. So, today...

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Help from the state when buying or renting real estate

Many of us probably dream of buying property abroad. And perhaps you are considering Spain as one...

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